DAY 25 “Online Fitness Journal”


Today is DAY 25 of the “Online Fitness Journal Weight Loss Challenge” and I’m excited to share with you that this past week I’ve experienced a HUGE breakthrough in my cardio workouts! 

One thing changed, that changed EVERYTHING…

STAYING POSITIVE is essential to the success of any endeavor. Since I’ve become aware of how much a difference it makes to surround myself with people who lift me up, I’m making much more progress.

Here are my weight and measurements for this week…I’ll weigh in again on the 4th of April, then every two weeks after that.

  • 151.4 lbs
  • 33″ waist at belly button
  • 29.5″ bottom of ribs
  • 43″ hips at pubic bone
  • 24″ upper thigh
  • 20″ lower thigh
  • 14.5″ calf
  • 35″ chest
  • 12″ arms


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