DAY 11 Online Fitness Journal

Today I weighed in and have lost almost three pounds in 11 days…I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I also measured today and was excited to see that I’ve lost inches!!!

Weight 154.2


Waist at the belly button 34″

Waist at the bottom of ribs 30″

Hips at pubic bone 44″

Arms 12.5″

Upper thigh 24.5″

Lower thigh 20″

Chest 35″

Calves 15″

I feel that this is a VICTORY!!!

I don’t know about YOU but I AM PUMPED about the next two weeks…My jeans already fit better and my workouts have become easier.

I’ve been doing 45 min of cardio 4 days a week, and then muscle toning exercises, rotating lower body, upper body, and mid-section. (I’ll be posting video’s showing you the routines.)

If you would like to join the Fitness Challenge and get fit in 2019 just message me on Facebook Messenger or email me from AskingMom.Org’s CONTACT page!!! At the end of the challenge, IF you’d like to submit your testimony and before & after photo’s, I’ll mail you a FREE GIFT for participating!


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